Empowering the youth of our community



Empower | Encourage | Equip

Pairing adults with youth in Pinellas County communities to create caring and compassionate mentoring relationships through biblical encouragement, tutoring and homework help, life skills and vocational skills, recreation, and healthy fellowship that take place in weekly, on-site programming.


Primavera Mentoring began as a dream of Ethan Parker, a musician and Worship Leader at Harborside Christian Church, who envisioned children of the community who find themselves in tough situations being lifted up by members of local churches.

This dream evolved into Project Primavera, which became a nonprofit that provided free music lessons to youth. It also hosted an annual festival called Primavera Music Festival, which welcomed over 29,000 attendees. After being absorbed into Harborside Christian Church’s outreach program, the organization is now beginning to serve youth in more than just a musical capacity and instead offer a more robust mentoring experience. Primavera Mentoring is ready to launch its second year of mentoring in September 2019 to serve youth around Pinellas County.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor for a child there, please email us at wesley@harborsidechurch.org, or click the button below to fill out an application.